Gallery at the Club: “Kosova Art”— The Genc and Marta Rodiqi Collection

Gallery at the Club presents “Kosova Art”— The Genc and Marta Rodiqi Collection and the paintings of Enver Hoxhaj and Genc Rodiqi.

This is an exhibition of Firsts—the first time GAC has shown work from a private collection, the first time professional artist Enver Hoxhaj has exhibited in Switzerland, and the first time Genc Rodiqi, a self-taught artist, has exhibited his own paintings. The Collection, amassed during the last 14 years, only contains paintings from previously unknown Kosovan artists. The exhibited paintings are a limited segment of the entire collection but are intended to demonstrate the variety of styles and the depth of creativity of modern Kosovan artists.

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Enver Hoxhaj, a professional Kosovan artist, expresses his emotions and impressions through his Minimalist inspired abstracts. He searches for the unknown and shares his searches with the viewer through his use of color and the rhythm of his composition. Thus, although he sometimes uses soft colors, he still achieves emotional intensity in his paintings.

Genc Rodiqi, co-founder of the Collection and the Dada Art Gallery, Prishtina, presents his own work here at the AWCZ Gallery at the Club for the first time. He is completely self-taught and has not taken any painting or drawing classes. He intends to continue to follow his own artistic path, presenting work that “comes directly from my soul.”

Come discover, explore and enjoy modern Kosovan art, perhaps for your First time, in “Kosova Art’ here at the American Women’s Club of Zurich.

  • Johan Wolfgang Goethe 2, Arberia I,
  • 10000, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova
  • Genc Rodiqi B.I
  • Fiscal No: 601239157
  • Business No: 71300552