About us

Dada Art Gallery is a privately owned gallery, established in 2016. Our aim is to showcase Kosovan artists and to promote their work to both Kosovan and international audience, through organizing of exhibitions or private viewings. The Gallery’s collection, a combination of privately owned pieces and carefully curated works which are offered for sale, was built over 14 years and is based on established Kosovan artists and young, emerging ones.

Dada Art Gallery regularly seeks to identify new and talented artist to offer them a space to showcase their work, through exhibitions and private viewings, or to offer their works for sale to a discerning Kosovan and international audience.

Due to our long standing experience, we also provide advice on:

Art investment,


Building of a private collection

Other art and cultural related activities can be organized at the Gallery on request, based on a negotiated cost.

Hour and a half viewing and presentation of our private art collection can be arranged at a minimum cost of 50 euros. Maximum five persons per session.

  • Johan Wolfgang Goethe 2, Arberia I,
  • 10000, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova
  • info@dadarts.com
  • Genc Rodiqi B.I
  • Fiscal No: 601239157
  • Business No: 71300552